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How Counselling Works

Frequently Asked Questions

Counselling is a professional relationship between a counsellor and a client. The client may be an individual, a couple or a family. Counselling is goal oriented and it is used to help persons understand their lives and reach their goals.

Confidentially is an important principle in counselling and necessary for the intervention to be successful. There are instances where confidentially is broken. Because counselling should help to improve functioning, if a client is a harm to self or others counsellor are expected to break this principle in the preservation of life for client and others. Also, where the law states that there must be mandatory reporting of a crime.

First sessions are 1.5 to 2 hours long. Follow-up sessions are 1 hour long.

It involves you sharing your thoughts and feelings about yourself, your relationships and any other information necessary to help in resolution of your issues. We will challenge you to change mindsets that have been holding you back and learn new ways of relating to yourself and others.

Just give us at least 48 hours’ notice via email, text or WhatsApp message or a voice mail. You can also let us know when next you will be available for a session.

It would be good for you to bring a small notepad and a pen or pencil. It is best for you not to use drugs (other than those prescribed by your doctor) or drink alcohol before your session.

Generally, this assessment can only be made by the end of the second session. However, because everyone has different reasons for coming to counselling a client may need just two sessions while another may need five or more.

Each premarital counselling session is 1hr long and there are 10 recommended sessions in our program.

If the person is an adult we would encourage you to pass our information on and let him/her set up the appointment. Counselling is voluntary and it works best when individuals are willing to take initiative as small as making the appointment.

Sessions are by appointment only. You can contact us via phone, email, our Facebook Page, text and WhatsApp messages to schedule an appointment.

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