Petreece Cuffie & Associates is a Developmental consultancy specialising in counselling, training and leadership consulting. It was established in 2001 to empower and equip individuals, families, communities and organisations. We partner with individuals, groups and organisations to improve emotional well-being, innovation, team effectiveness and leadership performance. The ultimate outcome is a transformed nation comprising emotionally intelligent individuals, happy families, vibrant communities and high-performing organisations. 

Petreece Cuffie and Associates helps employees manage their emotions and deal with the underlying personal and interpersonal issues they face.

We customise our approach to suit your organisation’s particular needs e.g. Individual and group counselling, training in crisis counselling and employee support programmes.

Petreece Cuffie and Associates offers personal consulting services that provide executive leaders with discreet and direct assistance in dealing with the many organisational issues demanding your attention.

We also work closely with you to develop performance improvement solutions after thoroughly diagnosing the challenges and issues facing your organisation.