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Encouragement tips for couples – #1


Last night my husband looked at me and said “22 more days”. With a little thought I said “Our wedding! So are you going to marry me!!?” He came a little closer, smiled and said that he couldn’t think of doing anything else.
An idea came to mind to share, 3 times a week, leading up to our wedding anniversary, some of things that have help us to have a healthy marriage for the past 19 years and 344 days today.
As I reflect on these years I realize that a happy & fulfilling marriage is not about having everything you think you need, always feeling passion, always getting it right and agreeing on most things. It’s about…
Tip #1: Realizing that your true source is God, not your partner, so that even if he/she fails at times, which he/she will, you will not over react and you will both be able to take steps to address the situation.
With God as our source we were able to accept each other with the good and bad and give each other the grace, space, comfort, rebuke and support to change, heal and grow without overreacting, being disrespectful, condemning each other or withdrawing our love from each other.
We DO NOT need each other, but we WANT each other so we can really love. We need God, He is our Source! Blessings.

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