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Time does not heal


Freedom to choose healing

Time, time, time! Time does not heal.

Unfortunately, we all know of persons who were hurt over 6+ years ago, whether through loss, abuse, rejection, divorce etc and are still in a place of anger/depression and pain as if the incident happened 2 days ago. “It will heal in time it” is a myth. Believe me I know. (On this side of eternity everything is done in the context of time.)

Healing takes place as we make a conscious decision to admit that we are in pain…face the pain and choose to believe the truth about God, others, our situation, and ourselves. We must choose to be vulnerable to God and others as they empower, heal and assist us in the healing process. We have to choose to do something different or new!

To heal we must become vulnerable, vulnerable to God and others and that is normally the hardest part. We may need to open up to someone.
To heal we must be willing to examine the lies we have believed about ourselves, others, God and life, and choose to renounce those lies and choose to believe the truth…. choosing to believe everyday whether we see the reality of truth or not. We have to allow the truth to take root and produce its wonderful fruit in our lives…fruit of peace and joy that can only come from embracing TRUTH.

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