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Encouragement tips for couples – #4


So….. 16 nights ago my husband looked at me and said “22 more days”. With a little thought I said “Our wedding! So are you going to marry me!!?” He came a little closer, smiled and said that he couldn’t think of doing anything else.

An idea came to mind to share, twice a week, some of things that have help us to have a healthy marriage for the past 19 years and 350something days today.
As I reflect on these years I realize that a happy marriage is not about having everything you think you need, always feeling passion, always getting it right and agreeing on most things. It’s about:
Tip #4: Laughter!
Learn not to take things too seriously. Learn to laugh at yourself and laugh with each other. (Huey told me that I must put LAUGHTER as a tip). Laughter binds you together. One of the marks of friendship is true laughter!
– Don’t take yourself too seriously, you are not perfect and God’s got your back!
– Learn to find the humour in your sometimes painful life story. I remember times when Huey would be sharing about his past with me, some really dramatic and sometimes painful stuff, and on more than one occasion I fell off the bed laughing. Lighten up about your life! FORGIVE so you can let go and see the humanness of it all. Some of it is so unbelievable it is funny…you know what I mean.

“Laughter, on a daily basis, is like taking a vitamin for your marriage. And it is a healthy habit all loving couples enjoy.” – Les & Leslie Parrott

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