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The Mystery of Love


I sometimes ask my husband why he is so in love with me and he would give me a list of reasons why, and, he would ALSO say that there is a part that he cannot explain….he just loves me. I call this the mystery of love, the “inexplicable” part of it all.

Some years ago we took a short break from our general routine and on this break I observed many couples interacting, some married, some not married, and interestingly most of them looked like “odd couples”…..He is TALL and she is short, one was serious looking and the other was jolly, one was having a ball in the sea and the other was reading a book on the shore (Petreece & Huey) 🙂 ,one is “blowing up” and the other is trying to keep things calm…you get the picture… and they are all in love.

Looking on, one might not be able to understand how they could be together but we must remember that there is a mystery of love…We can explain some of the reasons why we are in love and why we choose to love this particular person over someone else, even when the someone else may have been prettier or more handsome in the eyes of others. There is a mystery.

It reminds me what God said to the young nation of Israel that he did not choose them because they were so numerous but because He loved them and made a promise to their forefathers. The mystery of love! Why does God love me or you? Because He loves us!

Once we choose to love we can find many reasons for doing so but there is also a mystery…that is why I believe it is so difficult to “stop” loving someone even when they hurt and betray you because the love was not just about what he/she did but there was the mystery. That is one of the reasons why unfaithfulness and divorce is so painful…the mystery of love.
Thank God that He loves me though I don’t deserve it…what a mystery! Blessings!

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